Roofing Services

New construction roofing.
A new construction roofing project is performed alongside construction work as brand-new homes are being built. This may be for a residential home or a commercial property. Expect new construction roofers to be at the job site working on roofing framework, underlayment, and the roof covering.
Roof replacement.
A roof replacement project involves tearing the roof off down to the deck. At that point, new roofing materials and components are installed. This should not be confused with reroofing. Reroofing involves layering new shingles over existing ones.
Ashphalt shingles roofing.
The most common type of roof on homes today is an asphalt shingle roof. This roof system is made primarily out of asphalt shingles and other asphalt roofing components. They can create an attractive random pattern, simulate the look of a wood shake roof and are very cost-effective for homeowners.

Flat roofing - roll roofing.
Flat roofs consist of a single-ply layer of material which is affixed to the roof using screws and plates. Flat roofs are typically black, white, or gray. but can come in other colors. They are excellent for high-temperature tolerance and durability.
General roof repairs.
Nature’s elements can cause damage to shingles and tiles over time. In addition, fallen tree branches or strong winds may damage your roof. Damaged or failing¬† flashing around roof vents, pipes and chimneys can all create leaks and require repairs.
Storm damage.
Between thunderstorms, wind damage, hail storms, tornadoes, and snow storms your roof can end up with a lot of damage. Phillips Residential Roofing can help restore your roof & get you back to normal. We also work with most homeowner insurance companies.

Leaky & Faulty Roofs

During these challenging economic times, it may be difficult to consider spending funds on your roofing needs. The potential for more costly damages from a leaky or faulty roof, could escalate into several thousands of dollars if not addressed. There may be multiple options to resolve these issues and preserve the quality of your home. A complete roof replacement may not be necessary. Perhaps a less costly option is your best alternative.

Roofing Solutions

By heading off more serious issues, repairs may solve your short-term needs. There are some advantages to a new roof installation such as lowering your utility bills, increase home value, improved safety and long term roof endurance. Contact us for a free estimate for all of your roofing needs and let us show you all available options so you are able to make an informed and affordable decision.

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